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#1 What is HTML?

What is HTML? | Learn How To Code | PIXEL BOUTIQUE

Learning to code is something that requires a lot of attention + practice. To start building or editing websites, you need to know the basics, which is where HTML + CSS come in. You need to learn HTML before anything else. Everything is centred around this fantastic language + this is where we will start our journey.

In this post, I will explain what HTML is, what it does + even give you some useful HTML tags to use.

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Code Learn How To Code

Learn How To Code

Since I started to develop premade WordPress Themes for other bloggers to use, I have frequently been asked how to change certain aspects of the theme’s to suit the buyers needs. These things have often been code related. Simple HTML or CSS tasks for me, that I am more than happy to help with, but wouldn’t you like to know how to do it yourself?

Now as a blogger, you might not head into the blogging world thinking that you will need to learn how to code to be successful, + for the most part you really don’t, but it will help you to edit small areas of your website on your own without having to ask the theme creator. For that reason, + because I think learning to code is such a fascinating + varied skill that so many people can benefit from, I’m going to start some blog posts under the ‘Learn How To code‘ category.

These will be part posts that will cover HTML + CSS from start to finish. I can’t promise that you will be creating WordPress themes in a number of months, but it might certainly help you on your way or help you with those little things you really wish you could change about your theme.

Be sure to add my blog to your preferred blog feed app (I use Feedly) for all the updates to follow.

Tutorial contents:

Happy coding + happy Friday.

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How to Install a WordPress Theme

So you have ventured into the wonderful world of WordPress (welcome) + you have found your ideal theme to use for your website but now you’re asking yourself “How do I install this?” “What do I do with these zipped files I just bought”? Well, I have the answer to all of those head scratching questions right here. I’ll show you how to upload your theme in a few simple clicks.

If you are looking for a brand spanking new WordPress theme, you can either ask Google, or check out my theme shop!

How To Install a WordPress Theme | PIXEL BOUTIQUE | Minimal WordPress Themes

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