My List of Free Stock Image Websites

I rely on stock images for 50% of my blog posts + my premade blog themes so it’s essential that they are good quality to keep up with my website style. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for supporting fellow creatives + paying for that quality, but if you find something equally as good for free, you’re going to go for that. Right? I have found a good bunch of freebie websites that I frequently use when I am unable to capture a specific image myself, so read on to discover my list of Free Stock Image Websites that as a fellow blogger / social media lover, you will find very handy indeed.

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Add your Instagram Feed to WordPress

My Instagram feed sends a lot of traffic over to my blog + in return my Instagram feed on my blog sends traffic back to my Instagram feed. It’s a perfect match + as well as being a good source of visitors to your blog, it also looks pretty – right?

Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Blog | Howto Guide Tutorial | PIXEL BOUTIQUE | WordPress tutorials

So let’s crack on + walk you through the few simple steps that it takes to add your feed to your Sidebar widgets. I’ll go through the following with you to ensure you are up + running in a matter of minutes:

  • Finding, installing + activating the plugin
  • Configuring your account
  • Customising your feed
  • Displaying your feed

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