Without a solid process in place, a designers work can quickly fall apart.
I want to ensure that we work together at a steady pace without any hiccups, so here is how I work + what is required from both of us in order to complete your website.

If you have any questions, no matter how many or the topic, please do ask me. I am here to help you so take advantage of that + we will do just fine.


Upon first contact from any client, new or existing, I like to get to know a bit about them + their project. This requires a little homework from you. I have an easy to complete project brief questionnaire that outlines all the key features I need to know so that I can then confirm if I am able to help you + on what timescale. Communication from both sides is key at this stage. Honest realiability will ensure a smooth process.


Here is where I design a mockup (wireframe) of your website which will include all of your requirements from your project brief. You will need to approve this before we move forward + this is what we will stick to throughout the project. You will get chance later to make some small changes (text, images), but any larger changes (pages, styling) will be at an extra cost as this is time consuming + will make an indent in the timescale.


It’s time for me to start coding. I will turn the mockup into a live demo website + once I have the layout in place, I will show you the live view to ensure that you are happy with everything + then I will proceed to add the content (text / images provided by you) + once it is complete, you will get a final live view + any small changes you wish to make.


Once you are happy with the live view, I can either email the website files over to you complete with an installation guide, or install it onto your host/platform for you.
The latter is of no extra charge but I will require access to your admin account + password to carry out the site installation + setup.


If you have any further questions, you can read more on the f.a.q page, or drop me an email via the contact page.

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