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Welcome to PB! A boutique online store specialising in WordPress design + development. Whether you are a blogger, creative, or entrepreneur, I am here to help you improve your online presence + showcase your voice in the ever changing trends of the world wide web with my Minimal WordPress Themes.

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A light grey + minimal blog layout with a featured latest post + summary style articles. Rose pink adds a touch of #GirlBoss to this responsive + modern blog layout designed for WordPress bloggers of all genre’s.

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  • Arrays and Objects | JavaScript for Beginners | PIXEL BOUTIQUE | #BreakingJS
    Arrays and Objects
    1st December 2017
    In real life, we organise our life and the data in it using lists. Arrays are JavaScripts version of lists. They are a way of organising a list within your code. An array holds multiple items that are ordered, which means that each item has a numbered position within the array. This is numbered using the JavaScript zero-index. Share the love:
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  • JavaScript Variable and Data | Breaking JS | PIXEL BOUTIQUE | #BreakingJS
    Variables and Data
    24th November 2017
    JavaScript Variables JavaScript Variable are containers for storing data values such as numbers and strings which must be identified with unique names. These unique names are called Identifiers – these can be short or more descriptive names. Declaring a Variable Before we can use a Variable, we must declare the variable. We do this by typing the keyword var followed by the variable name. Initializing a Variable Once we have declared our variable we can then initialize it with a value by typing the variable name followed by a = symbol (assignment operator – more on this will be covered in future posts) and then the […]
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Support is very important to me + I understand that we aren’t all developers. I am here for you, to answer your questions + guide you to a happy online life.

Each theme I develop comes complete with a guide to help you make the most of your new look, however if you are struggling, you can check out the support page where you will find lot’s of handy guides + tutorials – FOR FREE!

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