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Pixel Boutique (PB) is a freelance (home) studio based in Staffordshire, but open to the world. Specialising in wordpress theme development to help your business or hobby profile itself in the ever growing world wide web.

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  • Setting Up Woocommerce Tutorial | PIXEL BOUTIQUE | Travel + Code | Minimal Wordpress Themes | How To Guide
    Setting up Woocommerce Tutorial
    21st April 2017
    So you want to set up an online shop using wordpress as your platform. That’s easy to do. Once you have your site set up, you can go ahead + start selling in no time. Just follow these few simple steps to installing WooCommerce, click a few buttons, + away weRead more >
  • Ciao Flamingo | Chacrlt | Pixel Boutique | Fetaured Blogger Interview | Tech + Travel Blog
    Featured Blogger | Ciao Flamingo
    16th April 2017
    Welcome to my brand new monthly feature on the blog – Featured Blogger – The clue is in the title really. Each month I will be interviewing one blogger that inspires me, in hope that they inspire you. A chance to take a look into their world, what they do, how they work,Read more >

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