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Desktop Wallpaper Organiser Calendar | FREE DOWNLOAD | Pixel Boutique

I was feeling a smidge creative today, and after promising myself that I wouldn’t do ANY work this weekend, I decided to make myself a desktop wallpaper to organise my files, as it get’s a bit out of control sometimes. Clean desktop, clean mind, and all that! I was pretty pleased having never made one before, so decided to share it with you all – and for FREE!

If enough people show interest in my little freebie, then I might make it a regular thing, and maybe even make fancier versions to sell. So I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas:

  • Does it fit your screen?
  • Is the quality good enough?
  • Would you like to swap or change any of the titles or boxes?


Desktop Wallpaper Organiser Calendar | FREE DOWNLOAD | Pixel Boutique

what’s included in the download?

The download includes 5 wallpapers for December 2020 and each of these comes in two sizes, one for your laptop, and one for your desktop. Super handy if like me, you have a multi-screen workplace with different resolutions. You can mix and match any of the 5 designs, or use the same on both screens. There are a nice range of choices to maximise your desktop.


Desktop Wallpaper Organiser Calendar | FREE DOWNLOAD | Pixel Boutique

Oh, and to really make your desktop sleek and beautiful, treat yourself to some desktop icons.
There are heaps on Etsy! Super affordable and easy to install – I got mine from Positively Tabitha and they are perfectly beautiful.

Anyway, the files are free and downloaded by clicking the link below – They should start to download automatically.

[download id=”4617″]


Enjoy, and don’t forget to let me know what you think. You can also tag me in your desktop snaps over on Instagram @pixelboutiqueuk


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